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Let's roll fresno


Our Place

For our community, from our hearts. Para la comunidad de parte de nuestros corazones.  

Lets Roll Fresno is determined to become the number one spot to satisfy all ice cream cravings. a place that welcomes creativity, and provides a comfy space to meet your friends or to simply relax, all in one.Our mission is to promote a sense of community culture which will make you feel pride in your community while enjoying rolled ice cream with different international flavors.  Come enjoy a tasty ice cream in our beautiful garden or cozy inside. 


Our garden

Home is where the heart is

We (Tony and Jasmin) decided to join forces after a trip to Mexico City inspired us when we saw rolled ice cream being made at a street market. This prompted us to start Let’s Roll Fresno as street vendors in March 2019. Let’s Roll Fresno, LLC was created to spread joy and art to the community through ice cream and sweets. We have decided to spread the love of ice cream to the Tower District and Downtown area. As people who love art, soccer, family, and a good time with family we decided to create an environment that reflects Fresno’s diversity. Our mission is to add pride to the valley through our joy of rolled ice cream. Our relationship is grounded on our shared love for our community and families. 


 As a business we stand for our community and aim to create a fun experience for our customers. Let’s Roll Fresno has many events planned for the community such as paint nights, kids days, and other fun family friendly events. We believe family love is the root of success. We intend to create a community feeling with our family and ice cream shop at the center.



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